The Beloit contra dance is a once-per-month dance featuring live music, calling, and a lively group of friendly dancers. We feature talented performers from southern Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. We welcome new and experienced dancers and dancers of all ages. No experience is necessary, all dances are taught and called, and you don’t need to come with a partner. Dancing is also FREE, although donations are accepted and appreciated. We’ll see you there!

The Venue
The dance takes place in the Beloit College Hendricks Center for the Arts at the corner of East Grand Avenue and Pleasant Street, in downtown Beloit, WI. The Hendricks Center features open dance studios with smooth dance floor space and excellent acoustics in a convenient location. Dances are also held at Pearsons Hall on the first floor also featuring a dance floor space with a more intimate setting closer to the center of campus. Refer to the Directions page for more detailed instructions on how to get to the next dance.

Every Dance begins with a beginner lesson from 7-7:30pm.
Dancing begins at 7:30pm and generally ends at 10 pm.

Other Information
Please bring a pair of clean, soft-soled, non-street shoes for dancing. Socks or nothing at all are also options. Rubber soled shoes are not recommended. This will help to protect the floor and keep the hall clean. Please change your shoes in the front hall before entering the dance space. There is no dress code for contra dancing, so wear what is comfortable for you. That said, dancing is a very active form of exercise so dressing to stay cool is highly recommended. Please bring a water bottle! You WILL be thirsty!

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    • Hi Carolyn, we don’t have any callers at the college, but have some connections with callers in the area. If you need help in the future, let us know! Our winter break resulted in a bit of a break from checking our messages so sorry we didn’t see yours in time. Happy dancing!

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