Rounding out the School Year with the Turtle Stomp

This year was definitely a great one! We had indoor dances, outdoor dances, and a trip to Folklore Village in the fall. Last week, we had the Second Annual Beloit College Turtle Stomp on Chapid Quad. The Briar Pickers with Trent Cuthbert came up from Madison to play tunes and our caller Dot Kent kept everyone moving and grooving. Prior to the event, Taste of Beloit, an RA project, brought in samples from different local restaurants to fuel Beloiters up for dancing. During a dancing break, we announced the limited edition of Beloit Contra Club t-shirts (organic cotton–oh my) which cause a bit of a stampede. If you were fast enough, they are beautiful and designed by Grace and you should wear them everywhere. If you didn’t get one, there are more to come next year!

**Lovely photos by Grace


Oh Beloit! See y’all next year to continue the contra craze 🙂


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